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Online pharmacies and their affiliates have been the subject of various law enforcement actions in recent years. The operation and/or promotion of an online pharmacy requires sophisticated legal advice and representation. Our firm can provide strategic legal guidance to online pharmacies and affiliates, so that these businesses can operate within the bounds of the evolving law in this field. Prescription Laws - Overseas Pill Laws


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Congress passes the Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act, effective April 13, 2009, which requires a face-to-face examination by a physician to support a valid prescription.  The regulations implementing the Act can be found here: 21 C.F.R. Part 1300



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Prescription Laws - Overseas Pill Laws

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Internet Drug Trafficking: In FY 2005, DEA initiated 100 new internet investigations involving the online sales of pharmaceutical controlled substances. Over the course of FY 2005, DEA arrested 62 individuals and seized $44 million in cash, property, computers, and bank accounts from individuals who had been selling prescription drugs via the Internet. As a result of one internet drug trafficking investigation, Operation Cyberchase, DEA identified approximately 200 web sites that illegally sold prescription drugs and arrested 25 individuals who had been operating in the United States, India, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. DEA also led a 21-month OCDETF investigation that concluded with criminal charges against the principal Mexican steroid manufacturers, whose U.S. sales totaled an estimated $56 million annually. DEA has arrested nine individuals, one of whom was the owner of three of the world’s largest anabolic steroid manufacturing operations. Eighty percent of the steroids seized in the United States last year originated from Mexican manufacturers.

Source: http://www.dea.gov/pubs/cngrtest/ct040506.html


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